Mathnasium + PJs + Snacks = Best Movie Night Ever!

Aug 7, 2019 | Kendall

The most frequent question our students ask us is “When am I going to use this in real life?” It is one of the harder questions to answer simply because every child is on a different path. You never know which child will be the business owner who relies on unit rates to get the best profits, or which child will become an architect who depends on conversions to make everything fit together perfectly.


One forgotten area of math in the real world is in animated movies. To help foster this appreciation we decided to host a Movie Night! Our students placed their vote among a list of movies to determine the movie we were going to watch. We gathered our coziest blankets, donned our pajama pants, and settled in to watch Toy Story! Everyone got to enjoy popcorn, candy, chips, and juice with the movie. We also raised money for our local schools and will be donating the funds to Dante B. Fascell Elementary, which had the highest number of students in attendance for Movie Night!


Whether it is the math behind the optimal frame speed for a scene or finding the perfect angle, animated movies are one of the most entertaining ways for kids to appreciate math in the real world.


What is one math equation we can all appreciate? Mathnasium + PJs + Snacks = Best Movie Night Ever!



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