Our Top 5 Math Apps for Kendall Students

Sep 26, 2020 | Kendall

We’ve looked at a lot of math apps? Some are useful, some not. Here are a few of our favorite math apps you might find helpful:


  • Photomath: Just take a photo of your math equation and get a step-by-step solution! Great for a specific math problem - or if you just want to check your work. 


In-app screenshots from Photomath as shown in the app store.


  • GeometryPad: working through high school geometry concepts and want some extra practice exercises? Try this app to reinforce your knowledge. 
  • BuzzMath: provides practice questions aligned to common core standards used by public schools in Kendall.​​


In-app screenshots from Desmos as shown in the app store.


  • BrainScape Flashcards: Use this app to create a customized flashcard set to help you memorize and retain formulas using spaced repetition. 
  • Desmos: Most Miami high school math classes require graphing calculators. While Desmos does not completely replace a TI-calculator, it does provide much of the same graphing calculator functions to use on your phone or tablet. 


How do you use math apps? Do you find them helpful? 


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