Parent Teacher Conferences: Are You Ready?

Nov 13, 2020 | Kendall

Do you have an upcoming meeting with your child’s math teacher?


Parent teacher conferences are a wonderful opportunity to check in with your child - is this year off to a strong start or does your child need more support? Math is sequential and builds on itself so a private visit with your student's teacher gives your child the opportunity to make improvements earlier in the year rather than waiting until your child is even farther behind during the Spring semester.


Conversations can bring more clarity than the feedback you might get from your child. Also, student work samples are more readily available so you can benchmark progress.


Tips for getting the most out of your conference:


Before the meeting

  • Ask your child how they think they are currently performing in class - do they participate, raise their hand, ask questions when needed?
  • Make a list of topics that you and your child would like clarification on so that you can support learning
  • Note changes in your child’s work habits or attitudes to share with the teacher - avoidance of concepts, boredom, not challenged, confusion, frustration, or lack of perseverance in problem solving


During the conference

  • Ask to see samples of your child’s work
  • Ask the teacher to see exemplary samples of topics your child may be struggling with so you can help support your child
  • The teacher is your partner and you both are invested in your student's success; ask for tips to foster a strong communication
  • Thank the teacher! They work hard every week to update all their students’ families on their progress!


After the conference

  • Your child may be eager to hear about the conference - find time to review what you and the teacher discussed so that changes can be implemented immediately
  • Begin by sharing highlights and positive feedback from class so far this year
  • Inform your child of any changes that may be coming to help them be more successful in the classroom - new seating, additional enrichment for extra challenge, before or after school support
  • Continue communicating with the teacher to make sure the plan is in motion and assess progress - Are more changes needed?  Are current changes no longer needed?


We would love to hear any feedback your child’s math teacher shares!  We help students from just about every school in the Kendall area - and are happy to support their classwork during their Mathnasium session based on a class syllabus, sample classwork, or other materials.  Your child’s teacher is also more than welcome to contact us directly at [email protected].


If your child isn't currently enrolled at Mathnasium and you are in need of math enrichment, visit our Kendall center! Or Schedule an Assessment to see what areas we could focus on to make them feel confident and secure in their math education.

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