PTA and Mathnasium Are Helping Students Succeed in STEM Fields

Sep 28, 2018 | Kendall

We are proud to continue to be the official partner of the National PTA for their STEM initiative. We put the “M” in STEM! The National PTA chose us because of our Mission and Methods -- we truly believe that EVERY child can learn math.


Why focus on STEM?


STEM -- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics -- is the fastest growing field of professions in the United States.  Even with such a growing demand for qualified professionals in these fields, there still remains a low supply of workers to fill these positions.  The National PTA has a goal of helping students build the skills they need to meet the demands of the growing STEM field.


We can all work together to support the future generations of creative problem-solvers!


According to the National PTA, “Parents and families strongly influence students’ perceptions about what is possible for their future.”  Family encouragement helps set the stage for student success. Strive to foster students’ curiosity about the world!


How does Math tie into future success?


A strong math foundation will go a long way for your child’s future.  They will develop a strong sense of problem solving and critical thinking.  They will use these skills to find creative solutions to the problems they encounter in their chosen career.


Allow Mathnasium to teach math to your child in a way that makes sense to them.  Whether your child can benefit from catching up on some previous material they have already seen or whether your child can benefit from getting ahead, we can open doors of opportunities.  Give us a call at (305) 274-3700!