"They do make math make sense!"

Jun 7, 2018 | Kendall

… so said a 5th grader last August when we asked our students:  “What did you learn at Mathnasium this summer?” Here are more of their responses:


I actually finally understand prime and composite numbers and I thought I never would.”  5th grader


“I learned at Mathnasium math problems that I had trouble with and I learned almost all my multiplication tables.”  2nd grader


“I learned new tricks at Mathnasium to do math easy!”  4th grader


“This Summer I learned more about fractions, slopes, finding a quarter of whole numbers and fractions. I learned a lot and the instructors explained everything very well. I love all of our instructors. :) “  6th grader


“Mathnasium, for me, is a good math place because the tutors put it the easiest way you can understand things. They do make math make sense! Woohoo!!”  5th grader


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