Welcome to your first session at Mathnasium of Kendall!

Feb 28, 2021 | Kendall

Hi there! A little birdie told us that you want to get ahead in math. You’ve come to the right place!


We’ve got everything ready for your first session! You might recall the assessment you completed a few days ago to show us what you already know about math. Well, we looked at your results to decide which topics to teach you first for today’s session. If you pick up your papers and follow me, I’ll introduce you to your Instructor for the day!


While you settle in, your Instructor will get you signed in, ask you our thought-provoking Question of the Day, and ask if you have any homework you’d like to work on. If you do have homework, your Instructor will work with you on it towards the end of your session. Before we get to homework though, you will work on some Mathnasium material. This is the exciting part! For each page you complete, your Instructor will add a stamp to your card. The cards you earn can be used either before or after your session to redeem a prize from the reward cabinet - or - you can save them for one of the bigger rewards! 


One thing to note is that you may not have the same instructor for each session. All our Instructors are great so you can expect to have the same excellent Mathnasium experience! You will see recognizable faces as you attend your sessions, not just Instructors, but also friends and classmates! A lot of kids from schools around Kendall attend our center each week. 


At the end of the session, your Instructor will sign you out for the day. Feel free to check out our Estimation Station at the front of the center now! Each week our Estimation Station will give you the chance to put your brain power to work and give you the chance to win extra cards! Pi the Pig (pictured above) will be there to show you where to leave your guesses.


If you need to wait a moment for your parent, you can chat with other kids and check out the monthly calendar for all the fun activities that are coming up this month. There are also plenty of opportunities to earn more cards you can turn in for fun rewards!


Congratulations! You have just finished your first session at Mathnasium! You are working so hard to get ahead in math and we are proud of you for it! We can’t wait to see you at your next session, Mathlete!