What summer math programs are available for middle school students at Mathnasium of Kendall?

Jul 9, 2020 | Kendall

When middle school students start math class this fall - either in the classroom or online - they are expected to have a specific set of math skills under their belt. Students who have mastered these skills are ready to build on their solid foundation and up for a challenge. If there are gaps or a weak understanding, students often must work extra hard to keep up, which can affect confidence and participation.


What are your math goals? How did math go this past year? Let's talk and we can choose specific programs for your child:



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Middle School Summer Math Programs


Get Ready for Algebra: In our Algebra Prep Summer Program, students master key concepts in preparation for Algebra I. We review essential Pre-Algebra skills and preview Algebra concepts including expressions, linear equations, graphing, proportional thinking, and algebraic word problems. 


Geometry Prep: Students work through key concepts to preview high school Geometry: classifying shapes and angles, transversals, congruence and similarity, surface area / volume, and conditional statements. We also introduce proofs, an often challenging aspect of Geometry.


SSAT and ISEE Test Prep: Standardized tests are part of the process of applying to many private schools in the Kendall area. Strong math scores on these tests show a readiness for an advanced math and science track. To boost math scores on the ISEE and SSAT, we teach proportional thinking, percents, rational numbers, fractional parts, and algebraic problem-solving.


What next? Let’s find out what your child needs to succeed. Schedule your initial assessment today either via video-conference or in our Kendall center: (305) 274-3700.  

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