Would you like help in choosing the right summer program for your child?

May 31, 2018 | Kendall

The school year is coming to an end. The stress that students, parents, and teachers have been feeling during this last part of the school year is easing away.  Our focus can now shift to summer -- and parents are searching for the right program to fit their child’s needs.


With many different programs available, we understand that it may not be an easy decision. In evaluating your options, we recommend a couple of specific questions to consider:


Will this summer program be unique for my child?  


No two children are the same… make sure the summer academic program progresses at the pace of your child. Some skills and concepts can be briefly touched on to ensure mastery and some others might need a little extra time and attention. Interactive, eye-ball to eye-ball teaching to ensure consistent progress is key to long-term mastery.


At Mathnasium, we customize every student's learning plan based on an initial in-depth math skills assessment. We identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and strengthen their mathematical foundation and thinking skills. We understand that not all students learn the same way and we want to encourage and develop each individual student's abilities. Students come to us with different needs and goals (understand fractions, STEM career opportunities,  master word problems), and we customize our program to fit each child’s situation.


Will my child have fun?  


Students are excited to be off from school for a few months - they need a break from the traditional school day without completely disengaging their brains for the summer! The goal is to make sure your summer program strikes a balance with both structure and fun.


At Mathnasium, the answer to this question is a resounding “Yes!” Our instructors excel at engaging our students with our curriculum. We motivate our students to be open to learning new concepts by making math lessons interesting and applicable.  


We also invite our students to join us for Summer Game Hours for fun problem-solving and critical thinking games! Not to mention our exciting Summer Raffle and Math Scavenger Hunt where students win big prizes from our reward cabinet!


Want your child to spend a summer that’s both fun and constructive? Check out Mathnasium! We help kids avoid the academic “summer slide” and give them an edge for the next school year… and beyond. Give us a call at (305) 489-9381 to speak with us about the best summer program for your child!