Mathnasium of Issaquah Summer Math Program

Apr 16, 2019 | Klahanie


Summer is a great time to keep the momentum of math going!

We offer a flexible summer math program at Mathnasium of Issaquah. You can choose from 16 sessions, 24 sessions, or the Unlimited Package! 

Hours: Mathnasium is open Monday - Friday, as we know the weekends are a great time to get outside and enjoy the weather in the Greater Seattle area! We also offer morning hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Game Hour: All Mathnasium students are invited to join us for 1 Hour of Games from 2-3pm on Tuesday/Thursday. There will be no instruction during this time, just all the games you can handle for an hour with our instructors. Stick around for another hour of instruction afterwards, which means two hours at Mathnasium these days(Enjoy a nap, grocery shopping, get some work done, or whatever else you want parents)

Customized Learning Plan: Each student at Mathnasium receives an individualized learning plan to meet their specific needs. Our Center Director, Sumitha, will deliver a comprehensive series of assessments to find any foundational gaps in your child's math knowledge. As a student grows with us, their learning plan will also grow, as we continuously monitor their progress and give them an opportunity to show mastery.

Expert Instructors: Check out our amazing team of instructors! We have a diverse group of  Engineers, math specialists, and high school students. We pride ourself on employing local talent, as a majority of our team walks to Mathnasium for work. Our owner, Sumitha, literally lives on the Plateau! 

Proven Results: Trust your fellow Klahanie and Sammamish neighbors with their positive feedback about their experience at Mathnasium of Issaquaha! See the reviews on our main page. We've worked with students from every school in Issaquah and have proven ourselves as leaders in math education. We are here to support the great work being done in our schools! 

Ready to Power Up your Student this summer in math?

Contact us at (425)-270-1054 or click the picture above to obtain our Summer Program Flyer. We will provide all pricing during the initial conversation.