Word Problem Wednesday: Math Sings!

Dec 18, 2019 | Klahanie

Math enrichment and programs in the arts often go hand in hand. A perfect example of this is when, in the process of getting tutoring for math, students use math in conjunction with an art show, a theater production, or ⁠— as in this case ⁠— a choir concert!

There are many ways to use math and the arts together. Today’s word problem asks students to use their elementary math skills such as multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to figure out how many tickets to a choir concert were sold based on the final profits. Take a look at the question and see if you can figure out how best to solve this challenge!

Question: The Lakeside Elementary School Choir is hosting a fund-raising concert event. They sold child tickets for $10 each and adult tickets for $20 each. They made $2,000. If they sold 60 adult tickets, how many child tickets did they sell?


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