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Jun 15, 2020 | Lakeland Highlands

Summer is the best time to catch up, get ahead, and prepare for the coming school year.

Mathnasium has created a Kick-Start program for each grade level between 2nd - 12th grade. The Kick-Start program reviews the top 10 critical math concepts for every grade that needs to be mastered to ensure success for the following school year.
School closures have greatly impacted your child's math skills, retention, and confidence. Mathnasium is offering a FREE Kick-Start Assessment that will identify your child's strengths and weaknesses. Based on your child's assessment results, Mathnasium creates a custom learning plan to address any fundamental gaps and ensure their mathematical foundation is strong to support additional learning.
This Kick-Start program was created to help students overcome the COVID-Slide. Children's educations have been greatly impacted, leaving some children up to a year behind! The Kick-Start program is designed to be a 3 month long course and guarantees that your child will have mastered the top 10 critical math skills for their grade.
Schools are opening at full capacity this fall. Is your child prepared? This is not an ordinary summer, this is the summer following a pandemic. Mathnasium is here to bridge the transition from distance learning to in-person education. Our program builds confidence and helps your child learn critical thinking skills that help build their individual success.
Mathnasium students are more eager to engage in class because they have seen the material before. We also encourage students to ask more questions in class and share the importance of asking additional questions to ensure their success and understanding of a concept.
Click below to schedule a Free Diagnostic Assessment to see if your child is prepared for the next school year. You will receive a copy of the results and a custom learning plan the same day. Assessment can be completed online or in-person!

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