Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3, 2021 | Manassas

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3rd - 7th this year!

Teacher Appreciation Week (the first full week in May) is a time to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to our lives. Here at Mathnasium, we champion that cause and we want to send your teachers all of the appreciation they can stand!

We work alongside your students’ teachers throughout the year to fill in gaps and provide support for your students where it’s needed. This year and last we’ve been amazed by the resiliency we’ve seen from teachers as they’ve redesigned their lessons to fit virtual classrooms and have gone above and beyond to engage with their students.

We’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at Mathnasium by decorating Teacher Appreciation cards, sharing stories about our favorite teachers, and working with our local schools to provide some gift baskets and other treats to the teachers who have gone above and beyond this year. 


Decorate a Teacher Appreciation Card

Everybody enjoys hearing that they’re appreciated, and a card or a note is a great way to share your appreciation so that it can be revisited and remembered throughout the year. Mathnasium students are able to decorate this Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page during their visit, or you can print one out and decorate it at home!

Download our Teacher Appreciation Coloring Page


Nominate Your Favorite Teacher to Win a Gift Basket

This May we want to show our local teachers how much we appreciate them! Nominate you or your student’s favorite teacher and they could win a basket full of goodies from Mathnasium! 

There are 3 ways to nominate a teacher for this prize:


✨ Visit our Facebook Page and find the Teacher Appreciation Contest post (pinned to the top of our feed)

✨ Take a picture of your student creating a Thank You Card for their favorite teacher

✨ Post that photo in the comments section of this post

✨ Make sure to include the name of the teacher and which school they teach at


✨ Take a photo of your student creating a Thank You Card for their favorite teacher

✨ Post that photo on Instagram and tag us @mathnasiumofmanassas

✨ Make sure to include the name of the teacher and which school they teach at

✨ Ensure your privacy settings allow us to see the picture so we can count it as an entry


✨ Take a photo of your student creating a Thank You Card for their favorite teacher

✨  Email the photo to [email protected] along with written permission for us to share the photo on our social media pages! 

✨ Make sure to include the name of the teacher and which school they teach at

Entries are being accepted during Teacher Appreciation Week, from May 3rd - 7th

The winner will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages on May 10th!


Stories About Our Favorite Teachers

“Mr. Emswiler was my 6th grade teacher and he was the BEST! You could tell he was so passionate about his students and really wanted them to succeed. For me specifically, he really encouraged me to try to be the best I could be, and noticed I was at an advanced reading level. His wife was a 1st grade teacher at the same school and he asked if I would be interested in going to her class every few days to help run their reading time! I did and it was AWESOME. I still have a love of reading as well as public speaking (I ended up doing competitive speech in both high school and college) and I really still do attribute this to him. The fact that he found ways to build confidence in his students and build a foundation for future success was so inspiring, because of him I also try to do this with our students as well!”

-Lauren Pallesen-Miller, Center Director


“One of my favorite teachers I had during my time at NOVA was Dr. White. I had him for both multivariable calculus and differential equations. He was such a no fluff person, that it could definitely be intimidating if you bank your grades on those fluff grades. His classes were set up that there were 3 exams, and 95% of your grade was exams, and then 5% was attendance. But he was such a real person. He cared more about the comprehension of the material than how you tested, and would work with you if you went to his office hours. One time he had a whole conversation with his daughter via the ring security system during class. She was using it to ask him for help with her math homework DURING our lecture!”

-Presley Hays, Assistant Center Director



“My favorite teacher would be my 9th grade Algebra 2 teacher named Mrs. R. She was my favorite since she not only engaged us with her teaching and her amazingly terrible puns, but she also made sure to check in with me every so often in the halls throughout the rest of high school. Before high school, math wasn't my favorite subject ever, but after taking her class I grew to appreciate math much more and it became my favorite subject!”

-Rachael A., Instructor



“My favorite teacher was Mr. Lowder. It was third grade, and he was the best teacher I've ever had. Not only did he have snakes in the classroom that we got to take care of, we had fun and engaging projects that helped me learn things from cursive all the way to JFK. He always had a smile and a great attitude. He was willing to answer questions and able to help anyone.”

-Bella H., Instructor



“My Favorite teacher was William  [a former Mathnasium Center Director] because he helped me learn everything there is to know about the Mathnasium way and how to teach and handle the kids who come into the center. He taught about calculus, functions, factoring, and geometry.”

-Nestor B., Instructor


“My favorite teacher was my 8th grade geometry teacher, Mr. Choi. I had spent the prior summer watching geometry videos online to try to teach myself because I was bored, and was expecting to spend the year slacking off because I already knew the material. Instead, the class ended up being very challenging and fun. Mr. Choi allowed me to help teach the class and help the other students, and this inspired my love of teaching. Without him, I wouldn’t have been inspired to apply for this job. It was the first math class that I took that truly challenged me, and the way of solving problems that I learned in that class continues to guide me to this day.”

-Teresa E., Instructor

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