Neighborhood Business Owners and Educators Honored for Making Math Make Sense: James & JoAnn Temple of Mathnasium Recognized with Revenue Award

Jul 18, 2017 | Mclean

Richmond, Virginia, July 18, 2017—Mathnasium recognized James and JoAnn Temple today for their contributions to the organization with the #2 Top Revenue Award. The son and mother team, math educators and owners of multiple Mathnasium locations, received this award because of their continuing effort to create a team focused on helping students make math make sense.

Mathnasium provides students in grades 2 through 12 with customized math programs designed to boost math skills and build number sense, an intuitive understanding of how numbers work. Students learn math in a fun and productive learning environment that cultivates confidence and an appreciation for the subject. Guided by caring and knowledgeable math experts, students attend two or three times a week to strengthen their math foundations and receive the support they need for school homework and tests.

James and JoAnn Temple opened their first Mathnasium in 2009 and have risen to the top of the over 500 franchisees in the system to receive the prestigious award. The award was given to the Temple Team by one of the founders of Mathnasium, Larry Martinek, at the annual conference in Anaheim, California, amid hundreds of fellow Mathnasium owners and operators.

“I’m thrilled to be recognized with the #2 Top Revenue Award,” said Temple. “Every day, we are so fortunate knowing that what we do for a living has a positive impact on younger generations. Since we opened our doors, the Mathnasium team has had the pleasure of helping students improve math skills, build confidence, and realize that math can be fun! To us, this award is a sign of the great amount of trust the parents of Virginia have given to Mathnasium, and the continuing effort we are undertaking to create a better and more effective program each year. My staff and I are so grateful to all the families and communities that have invested in us, and we look forward to many more years of transforming the way kids perceive math, and helping them reach their full potential!”
James and JoAnn Temple own 10 Mathnasium locations in Richmond and Northern Virginia. Learn more by contacting them at (877) 814-6284 or visiting at 

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