Beat Boredom with this Math Board Game!

Mar 27, 2020 | Mesa North

We’re glad Monday’s Cootie Catcher Activity was so popular! The feedback was amazing and made us so happy that we brought back old school fun for many parents.


Today’s activity is a math game called Countdown. It can be scaled for Kinder through 6th or 7th grade. It is also something older and younger siblings to play together which means you can put your feet up or make a phone call in peace.


Things you need to play:

  • Two people
  • The game board (download it below)
  • Two dice (borrow from another board game in the house)
  • Twelve anythings each to serve as markers (checkers, coins, silverware)


The rules:

  • Player 1 rolls the dice and adds, subtracts, multiplies or divides the two digits to mark off a spot
  • Player 2 takes their turn doing the same
  • Players alternate turns crossing off their sums or differences until someone clears their side of the game board


Extend the fun: Stretch it out with a “best out of five” bracket which introduces fractions. How many of the five games did one person win? This is x/5. Compare one set of five games to another set of five games and compare to see who has the biggest set of wins.


Differentiate by ages: Different aged kids can play with each other as each follows their own level of difficulty