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Jun 19, 2018 | Mesa North

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At Mathnasium of Mesa North, we know how vital learning math is in elementary school. It serves as the foundation for all your child’s future math studies. To make it understandable, we take an orderly, logical approach to teaching it to your child.

We begin with computation and problem solving using whole numbers, and then move on to computation and problem solving with rational numbers: fractions, decimals, percent, and negative numbers. (Interesting fact: In math, the word “rational” comes from the mathematical term “ratio.” It has nothing to do with being reasonable.)

This foundation we give them is essential for pre-algebra and algebra, which they will encounter in middle school and high school.

Our Approach

Elementary school students work with our instructors in a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written exercises. These do more than just meet State of Arizona math standards, they surpass the recommendations of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Common Core standards.

Beyond teaching students important math concepts and skills, our math instruction program helps students build number sense by explaining how numbers work. As it progresses, children get more and more comfortable with numbers. We call this numerical fluency … the ability for elementary school kids to effortlessly recall addition and subtraction facts.  This is a valuable asset when they face new challenges in math.

Customized Learning Plan

Each child is evaluated with a written and verbal assessment unique to Mathnasium. Based on your child’s assessment results, we create a custom program designed to help address educational gaps they may have and make it easier for them to jump ahead when students are ready for advanced math challenges.

Additionally, we help kids understand their school homework, as well as help them prepare for school tests, Common Core, and state benchmark exams.


How are my child's math skills?

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What critical topics are covered at Mathnasium?

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How your elementary school child benefits—whether behind or ahead in math

By giving your child a firm foundation, and confidence, in math, Mathnasium of Mesa North keeps students from falling behind in the future and avoid the problems (and math frustration) that falling behind can bring.

Elementary school students who love math and are good at it come to Mathnasium to experience areas of math typically not covered at school. The strong introduction they get helps them build the foundation for continued math success in middle school, high school, and beyond.


More About Mathnasium of Mesa North

Mathnasium of Mesa North, located on the corner of Power and McDowell Road, teaches math in a way that makes sense for students in elementary, middle and high school. Customized learning plans produce results for students seeking math enrichment, tutoring assistance to catch up, math homework help, and test prep for the SAT and ACT.

The Mathnasium curriculum and the Mathnasium Method combine to benefit students at all levels of their math education. The development of number sense leads to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts, improved performance and greater confidence. This growth aids students in their classroom work, standardized tests, future education and career plans.