Truth Bomb: ACT and SAT Prep Starts in Kinder, Kinda

Oct 18, 2018 | Mesa North

Shocking college prep news hit the Wall Street Journal this week after the ACT people released data from their latest administration of the college admissions test.  The math portion of the College and Career Readiness test hit a 14 year low. Considering the first twelve years of formal education leads to this test - yikes!


Yes, this is just one test, but what it does represent is the culmination of all mathematics learning that has taken place in your student's educational path showing up in a timed test. To perform well, a student needs to know the math! Period. If it is truly understood, and the student has the critical thinking skills to recognize the problem solving required, has the ability to pull the bundle of skills from their mental database, and efficiently prepare a solution within the prescribed time frame, they are home free. For many kids, apparently 60%, this is easier said than done.


Preparation starts in kindergarten. I'm not kidding! Not that it is anything formal, but the skills in kinder effect 1st grade success, and so on every single year of math. Skills not mastered one year may buy you a pass for the short term, but they do show up again down the road - with a vengeance. This is when kids start to drown in the concepts and multiple steps in problem solving.  This is when you hear things like "I'm no good at math" or "I hate math."


While an equal portion of our mathletes attend Mathnasium for enrichment purposes, every day we see kids who struggle. If they struggle by 5th grade, middle school needs to be their wake up call. Seek help! The bell system crushes kids when they don't have the effortless recall needed to beat the buzzer before their next class starts. Use middle school as the proving ground for high school. Kids earning 80% in math, show a 20% deficit in mastering the expectations of their grade level. This same 20% is the springboard to more missing pieces.


Set your student up for long term, lifelong math success. Ask us how we can set a plan in motion! We do it every day!



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