Pi Day 2023

Mar 7, 2023 | Midlothian

Pi Day is Coming! Are You Ready to Celebrate?

Pi Day, math’s biggest day of the year, is just around the corner. Every year, Mathnasium invites our families to join us in celebrating this irrational number that begins with 3.14 and goes on forever!

Pi is all around us. While we first learn about pi when measuring circles, it’s also used in many STEAM applications and jobs. Pi is instrumental in talking to satellites, construction, space exploration, and more!

We’ll be celebrating in-center with art day activities, special questions of the day, and our annual Get Insπred Charity Contest! You’re invited to continue the fun at home with our downloadable activities for kids of all ages.

Pi Activities

Pi Bingo

Download and print our Pi Bingo board, or make up your own pi-themed challenges! Our challenges include chowing down on some circular desserts (such as pie) and searching for π in the world around us, but any circle-based activity can be turned into a Pi Day activity!

Download Pi Bingo Board

Pi Wordsearch

Our Pi Word Search challenges you to find as many “circular” words as you can. Complete this activity together, or challenge each other to find as many words as possible!

Download Pi Word Search

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