Summer Math Fun at Minnetonka

Jan 27, 2024 | Minnetonka

We are excited to announce Camp Mathnasium 2024. With different themes per week, each camp is filled with goal-driven activities that make math relevant to your child and part of their summer fun!

Please plan on helping your child by helping them improve on their math education during the school year. By continuing their math education over the summer, you’ll give them a great head-start going into the new school year.

Here is the link to register:


Each camp is from Monday to Thursday (closed on 6/19, 7/4), 1:00 to 4:00 pm per day. Here are the themes:

> 6/10-6/13: Mathematical Art
> 6/17-18, 20: Who Wants to be a $$ Millionaire? (Financial
> Management)
> 6/24-6/27: Engineering Marvels
> 7/1-7/3: Chess Tactics
> 7/8-7/11: Musical "Math"magic
> 7/15-7/18: Escape Room Puzzles
> 7/22-7/25: Cooking Challenge
> 7/29-8/1: Patterns in Nature
> 8/5-8/8: Board Games Fun
> 8/12-8/15: Jump Start into Multiplication (Addition) Madness
> 8/19-8/23: Fractions busters
> 8/26-8/29: Tackling Word Problems!

Camp Mathnasium is a stand-alone program that can also work in combination with our year-round flexible programs of 2 sessions per week.

Contact us HERE

Contact us HERE