Summer Math Programs

Apr 5, 2023 | Mount Vernon

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We know that kids are engaging in math during the school year, but what about the summer?

Studies have shown that students who aren't engaging in summer learning lose up to 1 month's worth of school-learned math content over the summer break. Without a plan in place to address the gaps in your chid's math education, these problems will continue to grow over the summer and leave your child farther behind at the beginning of the next school year.

The good news is that you can reinforce their math skills in all kinds of ways, event while enjoying your favorite summer activities. Work math into your road trip by calculating the mileage. Encourage your child to read math-based books. Take a trip to the science museum. And sign up for Mathnasium's Summer Math Program.

“All 3 of my children have participated in the Summer math program. All 3 are at very different skill levels. The staff at Mathnasium has done an outstanding job helping all of them not only maintain their skills and knowledge from the previous year, but prepare them for what they will be learning in the upcoming school year. They are starting off the year with a huge advantage and feeling very confident.”
-Mathnasium Parent

Year-Round Programs

Mathnasium offers 12 and 7 month enrollment options year-round. By enrolling in a longer-term program, you can save on the monthly cost of your child’s membership. One of these memberships is likely the best option if you’re planning to attend throughout the summer and into the school year.

Program Details Ideal for Families who...
  • Up to 3 Mathnasium Sessions per week
  • Fixed monthly cost
  • You can start scheduling sessions right away
  • Are committed to long term growth and skill development
  • Wish to equip their child with problem solving and number sense skills for life
  • Are looking for long-term math support

Summer-Only Programs

If you’re looking for a more flexible option over the summer, Mathnasium offers a 17-visit trial package. These visits can be scheduled at your convenience throughout the summer, allowing you to plan around vacations and other summer activities you’ve planned for your family. This package is a great option for families who have a limited budget for summer activities or are traveling extensively.

Program Details Ideal for Families who...
  • 17 Mathnasium Sessions
  • One time payment
  • Sessions can be used June - August
  • Need extra flexibility in their scheduling
  • Have a specific skill gap that can be addressed quickly
  • Are looking for a summer-only program


Contact your local Mathnasium Team to learn more!