Holiday Gifts for Math Lovers

Dec 22, 2014 | Naperville
Looking for some last minute gift ideas for the math lover in your life? Check out our round-up of fun math gifts!

Math Games

These games can be played by the whole family—improve
your math skills as you spend quality time together!
Math-A-Magician Activity Set available here
Sum Swamp Game available here

Math Fashion

Proudly show off your math love with these hilarious math t-shirts!
"I'm Always Right" T-shirt available here
"You Shall Not Pass" T-shirt available here
"I ate Pie" T-shirt available here
"This Girl Loves Math" T-shirt available here


Don't let your little one miss out on the math fun (and puns!)
"I'm Acute Boy" Onesie available here
Set Square and Protractor Cuff Links available here
Mathematical Equations Tie available here


Coffee Mugs

Get your caffeine and your math on at the same time!
"Pi-rate" Mug available here
"Keep it Real" Mug available here
Math Formulas Mug available here

Pi in the Kitchen

Food that's shaped like π is always tastier.
Pi Cookie Cutter available here
Pi(Z*Z)a Stone available here


Show off your mathematical prowess with every pour when you serve drinks with these glass sets.
Fraction Glasses available here
Set of 4 Math Glasses available here

Math Art

Decorate your walls with prints that show off your numberphile personality.
Grandparithmetic Print available here
Math Symbol Prints available here


Math In the Bathroom

Surround yourself with math as you get ready in the morning!
Math Girl Shower Curtain available here
Math Number & Symbol Soap available here

Desk Math Goodies

Any self-respecting math lover must have some math swag on their desk to inspire them as they work.
These accessories will dress any desk up!
Rubik's Cube Desk Organizer available here
"What part of..." Sticky Notes available here
Einstein Paperweight available here
Hypercube Paperweight available here
Dodecahedron Paperweight available here

On the Go Math Accessories

These math accessories are perfect for the mathematician on the go.
Abacus Keychain available here
Keep Calm and Love Math iPhone Case available here


With these on your wall, it's always math o' clock!
Mathematical Expression Clock available here
Pop Quiz Clock available here