It's a Mathnasium Rap!

Feb 1, 2016 | Naperville

We’re absolutely blown away by nine-year-old twins and Mathnasium students Amir and Amari! The two fourth graders (and students at Mathnasium of Corona, CA) collaborated on their very own rap song celebrating all the progress they’ve made at Mathnasium… and then put on a fantastic performance for everyone at the center!

For rap-along purposes, here are the lyrics! We think you’ll agree, these kids are as adept at crafting rhymes as much as they are A+ mathletes!

Mathnasium, Mathnasium, Mathnasium, Mathnasium
Mathnasium is the best
They stand out above the rest
Come in with an F, you leave with an A
They help you pass the test!
Addition, division, subtraction, multiplication
Mathnasium breaks it down so there’s no more complication!

I used to hate math; now they call me a math whiz
I ace all my tests
Get nothing less than an A on my quizzes
So if you need help, feel like math is kicking your butt
Just come to Mathnasium—they’ll get you outta that rut!
Mathnasium, Mathnasium, Mathnasium, Mathnasium
Mathnasium, Mathnasium, Mathnasium, Mathnasium!

Overall, Mathnasium mathletes are a super talented bunch! Check out Abigail’s effortless recitation of the first 258 digits of Pi!