Thanksgiving + Math + Crafts = FUN!

Nov 9, 2015 | Naperville

As temperatures continue to drop and the Thanksgiving countdown begins, we know that a lot of you are likely looking for engaging, child-friendly indoor activities to keep your kids amused. We’ve got you covered with designer, teacher, and blogger Erin Bittman’s 10 Fresh Thanksgiving Crafts With History, Math, and Writing Connections (via

Bittman cleverly fuses craft time with Thanksgiving-related history, math, and writing lessons, and the results are pretty amazing. We’re especially happy to see that all but one of these ideas involve math! Our favorites: DIY wampum bracelets with multiplication and money tie-ins…

… and DIY pilgrim plank houses made out of popsicle sticks that give young learners an opportunity to learn about measurement.

You can check out more of Bittman’s work on her blog, E is for Explore!—we’re definitely huge fans. Bundle up and head to your local craft and hobby store to stock up on supplies—these awesome activities will keep you and your kids busy and smiling all the way to Turkey Day!