Tips to Enjoy Family Games and Incorporate Math

Jul 18, 2018 | Naperville

Games are inherently motivating. If you want to practice math with your children it is easier to get them to say “yes!” to a game than doing math in a workbook. Games offer a way to connect, talk, and laugh with your child. It may be a highlight in the day for both of you.

Playing Games is a Great Way to Practice Math

Math games using strategy encourage children to think about numbers in new ways. Games, with an element of speed increase numerical fluency. Different games provide different opportunities for different children to shine. Kids who struggle in algebra may discover that they have an aptitude for banking when they play monopoly. You will also get insight into a child’s mathematical thinking.

Tips to Get Started

  1. Focus on having fun and playing together. Most kids care more about spending quality time together than winning.
  2. If your children have a wide age span, you may want to have younger players team up with older players. You can also have slightly different rules for the younger children to accommodate their developmental level. The child with more advanced skills becomes a role model for the other child.
  3. Choose games that interest you and your child and are developmentally appropriate for all players. Keep your eye out for more articles about various games. You may want to also search for “math games” on Amazon and filter by age.
  4. Play the same game repeatedly. This gives children the opportunity to keep improving and refining their speed, strategy, and skills. You and your kids will love seeing their skills increase.
  5. If you have kids who are reluctant to play a “math” games try word games that use math for scorekeeping and strategy, such as, UpWords ,™ Scrabble, ™ and Boggle ™. They are a sneaky way to incorporate math into a game for those reluctant to try a “math game.” 
  6. The math element should come naturally. Try a different game if you feel like the math is overshadowing the fun and family time.
  7. Ask about our Mathnasium deck of special cards to encourage you to play at home.

We would love to hear which games are your favorites. If you are interested in math enrichment for your child, give us a call. Our unique program has helped thousands of kids to love math.

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