#ToolkitTalk Recap: STEM Education

Nov 17, 2016 | Naperville

As a proud founding sponsor of National PTA’s STEM Plus Families initiative to engage families in and boost students’ access to STEM education and careers, we at Mathnasium are passionate about being the “M” in STEM! This week, we were thrilled when National PTA invited us to sit in on a Twitter #ToolkitTalk Q&A chat about STEM education.

Hosted by NBC’s @educationnation (creators of the Parent Toolkit), National PTA President Laura Bay (@PTALauraBay), and Carol Rinke (@CRinke_STEM), Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Science Education at Marist College, the STEM #ToolkitTalk chat was a true meeting of the minds, with many passionate STEM advocates chiming in on current trends and issues… @Mathnasium included!

Here are some of our favorite questions and highlights!

What does STEM stand for? And why is it important in your kid’s education? #ToolkitTalk

What are some simple ways to foster kids’ curiosity about STEM topics at all ages? #ToolkitTalk

What are some barriers for families in encouraging and practicing STEM activities at home? What can parents do? #ToolkitTalk

What are STEM-related careers? And how can parents support career development in STEM-related fields? #ToolkitTalk

How can we encourage young girls and people of color to get involved in STEM? #ToolkitTalk

What are some additional resources on STEM learning that families can use? #ToolkitTalk

To view the full conversation, search #ToolkitTalk on Twitter. Find us on Twitter: @Mathnasium