TriMathlon Warm-Up Wednesday Giveaway: The Counting Game

Oct 5, 2016 | Naperville

We can't wait for Mathnasium’s Annual TriMathlon—our fun, free community math competition for students in grades 2 through 5! Hosted at participating centers on November 5 and 6, the TriMathlon also presents a fantastic opportunity to support your local schools—Mathnasium will make a financial contribution to schools for each student that participates! We’re counting down with a special TriMathlon Warm-Up Wednesday Word Problem Giveaway. Every Wednesday in October, we’ll be giving you a taste of TriMathlon through a series of themed word problems. Every week, one lucky problem solver will win an awesome Mathnasium prize pack for solving the weekly Warm-Up Wednesday word problem (four winners total).

This week’s word problem showcases one of our TriMathlon math challenges: The Counting Game! The Counting Game challenges your ability to count to any number, from any number, by any number. Email your answer to [email protected] by Sunday, October 30 for a chance to win this week's prize! We’ll post all answers on Monday, October 31.

On Monday, Jordan has 120 coins. Each day, Jordan spends 14 coins. How many coins will Jordan have on each day of the week from Tuesday to Sunday?

Check out our TriMathlon FAQs to learn more about Mathnasium's Annual TriMathlon, and head over to to find the TriMathlon event nearest you and to register!