Jun 1, 2024 - Jul 31, 2024

Camp Mathnasium is great for parents looking to Mathnasium for extra math fun and education. The core of the experience is a combination of Mathnasium materials from the student’s Learning Plan and STEAM activities. Camp Mathnasium offers activities such as:

The Plankwalkers (offered 7/8-7/11)

Four awesome activities with one being:

Ciphers and Cryptology - Cryptography is the study and practice of writing and solving codes. Students will learn the basics of cryptography by learning how to encrypt and decrypt messages using three different ciphers: the Pigpen Cipher, the Caesar Cipher, and the Vigenère Cipher.

The Skeleton Crew (offered 7/22-7/25)

Part two of Camp Mathnasium with four new activities with one being:

Origami - This activity is designed to give kids a look at building 2D and 3D figures out of origami paper. Students will create “Sonobe Units,” which are one of the building blocks of modular origami. They will then use these to create 3D shapes such as a cube and bipyramid.