Mathnasium Food Drive

Dec 18, 2019 | North Alpharetta

At Mathnasium of North Alpharetta, metro-Atlanta students are taught mathematical concepts. They add, they multiply, they work with percents and fractions galore. However, in the past few months, students have learned about more than just math -- they’ve learned about giving.

Beginning in October, Mathnasium students, or “mathletes,” were invited to donate their cards, earned by completing work and mastering concepts, to help those less fortunate. Each card collected, they were told, would result in the donation of one can of food to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. They were also informed that the student who volunteered the most cards would win a prize. Needless to say, the donations came rolling in.

It is important to note that Mathnasium students have plenty on which they can spend their cards. The center boasts shelves filled with prizes of interest to students of all ages. Winnings like candy and erasers cost few cards, while more generous rewards, such as drones and tablets, can cost over one hundred. Even with this knowledge, though, students proudly donated their savings to support the community.

Over the course of two months, the “mathletes” at Mathnasium of North Alpharetta donated over one thousand cards, and over one thousand cans were subsequently donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Students with few cards and students with many cards alike pitched in, resulting in contributions from over a third of enrolled members.

However, amidst all those who attend Mathnasium of North Alpharetta, one student stands out as a bright learner and a big-hearted member of the greater Atlanta community. Kayley, a freshman at Alpharetta High School, volunteered a total of 117 cards to the center’s food drive, her contribution making up over ten percent of the total collection. In return, Kayley will receive a small gift of her choosing, a miniscule gesture in comparison to her tremendous generosity.

“It feels nice to give to people in need,” she said. 

Indi Nandhra, director of Mathnasium of North Alpharetta, could not express more pride in her students’ contributions to the community. “I am very proud and overwhelmed by the generosity of our students,” she said, beaming. “They understand the importance of giving,” she added, “which is heartwarming to see.”

This holiday season, Mathnasium students have provided many Atlanta families with meals to fill their stomachs and warm their souls. In turn, those at Mathnasium learned about the meaning of generosity, a gift that keeps giving.