Mathnasium Schoolhouse — Free Library of over 40 Math Lessons covering 25+ hours of content

Jul 27, 2020 | North Alpharetta

We are pleased to share with you Mathnasium Schoolhouse — a collection of recorded lessons hosted previously on Facebook.  Currently there is over 12 hours of free content spread across over 20 lessons.

These lessons were created to help bring math instruction and practice into your home and demonstrate basic math concepts that your kids can watch and then do themselves to build their foundation of math knowledge.

If you have questions about these lessons or the concepts presented, call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss. 

Lower Elementary and Up
Counting By Any Number, From Any Number! (44 Minutes)
Exploring Half of Even and Odd Numbers (19 Minutes)
Problem Solving with Wholes and Parts (19 Minutes)
Dollars Makes Cents (26 Minutes)
Pizza Math (39 Minutes)
Geometric Foundations (35 Minutes)
Multiplication Mastery Series Part 1: 0s and 1s, 2s, 10s, 5s (37 Minutes)
Multiplication Mastery Series Part 2: 3s, 4s, 11s, 12s, 9s (42 Minutes)
Multiplication Mastery Series Part 3: 6s, 7s, 8s (41 Minutes)
Numberless Math Problems (49 Minutes)

What are the Odds (TBD)

Middle Elementary and Up
Exploring Visual and Numerical Patterns (54 Minutes)
Extending Place Value Concepts (42 Minutes)
Percent - For Each 100 (23 Minutes)
A Number Sense Look at Horizontal Addition (40 Minutes)
Reasoning in Groups (41 Minutes)
Mental Math Series â„– Part 1 (30 Minutes)
An Introduction to The Fibonacci Sequence and The Golden Ratio (38 Minutes)
Mental Math Series â„– Part 2 (27 Minutes)

Upper Elementary and Up
Divide & Conquer: Divisibility Rules — Basic (28 Minutes)
Divide & Conquer: Divisibility Rules — Advanced (52 Minutes)
Greatest Common Factor And Least Common Multiple (31 Minutes)
All About Rulers: Measuring Up!  (27 Minutes)
Fractional Parts: Finding The Part And The Whole (25 Minutes)
Unit Rate: For Each And Every 1 (38 Minutes)
An Introduction to Comparing and Ordering Fractions (27 Minutes)
Finding the Area of Basic 2D Shapes (40 Minutes)
An Introduction to Modular Arithmetic (33 Minutes)
The Euclidean Algorithm: A Different Look at Greatest Common Factor" (36 Minutes)
Perfect Squares and Square Roots (63 Minutes)
Math in Art Series: Part 1 (40 Minutes)
Math in Art Series: Part 2 (49 Minutes)
Don't Spill Anything: Linear Diophantine Equations (TBD)

Lower Middle School and Up
Graphing Points and Lines! (51 Minutes)
Counting Systems: Base Not 10 (52 Minutes)
3D Figures: Nets and Volume (57 Minutes)
Angles Inside Shapes, Angles Outside Shapes (14 Minutes)
Pythagoras' Theorem (48 Minutes)

Middle School and Up
Solving Basic Equations (52 Minutes)
Cryptography (47 Minutes)