November Raffle

Dec 1, 2018 | North Alpharetta

It was an eventful November at Mathnasium, filled with fun activities and math success! Our students were given many opportunities to win big, and more than just stars!

We hosted another raffle this month, complete with a winner every week! Students were awarded a raffle ticket each time they earned 10 or more stars on a mastery check, and a drawing was held at the end of every week. The winner of each drawing was awarded a $25 gift card to the store or restaurant of his/her choosing. Students were more than motivated by this generous prize!

As the month comes to a close, it's time to announce our winners!

Week #1: Alex F.

Week #2: Jenna B.

Week #3: Joshua R.

Week #4: Marco O.

Congratulations to our winning students! To all of our students, great work on your mastery checks this month - keep up the good work!

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