One Student's Mathnasium Experience

Nov 16, 2018 | North Alpharetta

When parents search for learning centers for their children, they often skim through the reviews of each location. These reviews are always written by other parents, reflecting the impact of the center on their children. However, in discussing the center’s efficiency in improving their children’s academic fluency, these reviews often fail to acknowledge the feelings of the student him/herself. For the benefit of prospective members, Mathnasium intends to provide insight from all angles. Therefore, we have looked into one of our student’s Mathnasium story, told from her perspective.


Emily is well into her fifth grade year in school, and she has been at Mathnasium since the spring of fourth grade. “I used to go a different learning center,” Emily recalled, “but I didn’t learn much there.” She went on to discuss the impact Mathnasium has had on her education, clarifying that she has “improved a lot in school and on homework.” While Emily has developed many mathematical skills at Mathnasium, her favorites are multiplication, division, and fractions. “Mr. Sean taught me a trick for fractions when I first came to Mathnasium,” she mentioned, noting that this trick, along with the others she’s learned, has made school work much easier. Though she acknowledged these positive impacts of Mathnasium outside the center, she just as passionately discussed her time inside the center.


Emily addressed her early memories of Mathnasium, recalling the numerous smiles she encountered on her first day. She couldn’t stress enough that “the instructors are so friendly,” and her thoughts are clear each time she comes to Mathnasium. Emily is extremely comfortable at the center, finding time to balance both her math and her friendly discussions with the instructors.


In her time at Mathnasium, Emily has found a place both to learn and to feel at home, an experience Mathnasium offers to each student that walks through the doors.