This Month: The STEMcrow

Sep 22, 2018 | North Alpharetta

Last week, we featured our Candy Jar Contest. This week, it's all about our STEMcrow!


Our center is located in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  Each year, Alpharetta hosts a scarecrow contest, during which schools, companies, and organizations in the area can design creative scarecrows and enter them into the competition.  The scarecrows line the streets of downtown Alpharetta, where passersby are able to enjoy the creative side of the city and partake in the seasonal festivities.  This year, Mathnasium of North Alpharetta is participating for the first time!  We have our very own STEMcrow decorating the downtown area, and our students are almost as excited about it as we are.  


If you spot our STEMcrow on the streets of Alpharetta, make sure to take a picture and post with the hashtag #MathnasiumSTEMcrow!  If you're unsure of how to pose, take a cue from our students in the attached image!  We can't wait to see your photos, and we can't wait to continue to update you on the latest news at our center!  Stay tuned!