Personal (Math) Training

Dec 4, 2021 | North Central Phoenix

Math muscles

Wanna know how math skills are like muscles? You have to work to build both of them! Just like personal training helps build muscles, personal math training helps build math skills. And each type of training takes practice and time. 

When your child enrolls in Mathnasium of Arcadia, they will meet their very own Mathnasium Instructor (like a personal trainer for math skills). All of our instructors are top-tier mathletes themselves, and they're ready to share their knowledge and love of math with your student. 

After your student completes a comprehensive math assessment, our Center Director will then proceed to build lesson plans for your child geared to address his/her individual strengths and weaknesses.

Now the practice starts! Just like an athlete who trains for a marathon, a math student trying to learn new concepts must practice and practice. But practicing math doesn't feel like a chore when you're doing it with your very own instructor at Mathnasium. In fact, your student may actually learn to love it.

"My Daughter is excited to go to Mathnasium after school!" -Proud Parent P. N.

"My child was below grade average in math. After attending Mathnasium, she now operates a whole year above her grade. Thanks Mathnasium!!" - Proud Parent J.S.

"Mathnasium has been a great resource for our 7th grade son. His level of frustration has gone way down and his confidence (and grades) have gone up." - Proud Parent M. T.

Come visit your local Mathnasium at 4730 E Indian School Rd #107, Phoenix, AZ 85018. We've been training kids to build math skills for 10 years. Our program director, Nina M., would be happy to meet you!

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