A “Giant Windball” is a Fun Summer Project

Jul 20, 2022 | Novi

It’s Summer Vacation but a break from school doesn't mean that your kids have to stop developing their math skills. Fun Projects are a great hands-on learning experience that is both engaging and enjoyable. Math-related projects are a great way to keep kids’ attention and break up the monotony of routine. A fun summer project like a Windball is a simple, yet unique geometry project. The Windball is one of the coolest creations that you can actually see in action. In addition to its visually stunning design, creativity, simplicity, and adaptability, a Windball is a game that offers kids an opportunity to see their effort in action. All you do is assemble simple cardboard pieces and turn them into an art form that also happens to be a sphere. This project demonstrates that there is no perfect sphere in the world, which is actually quite abstract. In addition, you can demonstrate how spheres are formed from squares, hexagons, or triangles.

On a windy day or on a good slope, you can take your well-made sphere and watch how it actually rolls with the wind.
You can use household items or you can find this fun project in a ready-made kit online at

You will need: Twenty-seven 12x12 heavy cardboards sheets Metal or Plastic Fasteners (makeado ‘screws’) Ruler Drill and Drill Bit (makeado safety saw) Instructions:
Cut 30 squares of hard cardboard at 12 x 12 inches (30 x 30 cm). Punch a hole in each corner of the cardboard squares using a simple medium-sized drill bit. It can be helpful to find something you can use as a guide. Make holes in all four corners of the remaining 29 cardboard pieces. By connecting five cardboard pieces corner to corner with fasteners, you can make a 3D shape. As you move from layer to layer, continue connecting the pieces with the fasteners. As you move from layer to layer, continue connecting the pieces in the same way. With each step, you begin to see the ball's form taking shape. You are now ready to play with your Giant Windball! Create other sizes and colors to decorate your home or take it outside to play. You can also sketch out a plan to build other cool creations and use tools safely with your kids to discover and explore what else their creative minds can come up with.