This Year's PI Day is "PI Day of the Century"

Mar 14, 2015 | Novi

Happy Pi Day!  Every year on this day we celebrate one of the most recognizable constants in Math.  This year, not only can we use the month, day and year 3.1415 but also at 9:26:53 we can even expand to the first 10 digits.  This phenomenon won’t occur again until another century from now.

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  Any circle that you divide its circumference by its diameter will result in the constant 3.141592653…..

Babylonians established a constant circle ratio as 3 1/8 or 3.125 at around 2000 B.C.  The Egyptians later came up with a value of 3.143. The earliest written record is from an Egyptian scribe named Ahmes at around 1650 B.C.  William Jones introduced the symbol "π" in 1706 and Leonard Euler later popularized it in 1737.

Here are some fun facts about Pi

You can find the location of your birthday month/day/year string in Pi

Spock used Pi to distract an evil computer by commanding it to calculate to its last digit

Pi (piwas) is the 16th letter in the Greek alphabet and p is also the 16th letter in English

Pi is transcendental and irrational.  It is irrational because it can’t be written as a rational simple fraction, though 22/7 is close, it is not exact.  It is transcendental because it is not algebraic, it is not a non-constant polynomial equation with rational coefficients

Computing the value of Pi is a Stress test for a computer

Albert Einstein was born on Pi day

At position 763 there are six nines in a row, which is known as the Feynman Point

3.14 backwards looks like PIE