Winter Break: Keeping Your Kids Mind Going

Dec 11, 2021 | Novi

December is finally here! There is an old nip in the air, making it the perfect time for a mug of hot chocolate. The leaves have fallen, and snowball fights will soon break out in many neighborhoods. This also means that Winter Break is a big thing on all kids’ minds right now. After working hard for the last three months in school, they can now recoup and have a chance to relax. The thing is, many kids will just choose to spend it in front of the TV or in front of their phones, and really, who could blame them? They just worked their butts off for the last three months and are ready to check out. So we thought we would include some fun activities to do with your children to encourage them to not check out but to check in with the world around them. 


Winter Gardening

    While there may be some snow on the ground, there is always an opportunity to get your thumbs a bit greener. Whether this means shoveling the snow out of the way, getting some pots to plant inside the house, or utilizing a vertical garden tower, gardening is an excellent way to keep your child’s brain active in a low-octane and therapeutic environment. Gardening has been linked to improvements in patience, focus, and even math skills, all of which are vital for their school performance and life. So try to plant something this winter; not only will you be nurturing the plant, but you will also be nurturing your child’s development.


Activity Kit

    Activity kits are the best cross between educational and fun. Whether it be an engineering kit, a painting kit, or a wiring kit for older kids, they’re a way to package learning interactively. The time children spend in school amounts to test grades and parental praise, whereas one of these activity kits produces a tangible and usable result. Whether they grow a fun new crystal or paint a beautiful picture, these kits give them a real impact that lasts. 


Take a Trip

    Field trips don’t have to be just for school. While Zoos, gardens, and other outdoor options may be harder to swing with the weather, a fun indoor option is museums! Figure out what interests your child; whether it be history, art, or something else, there is bound to be a museum covering it. You could also take them out on a nature walk if the weather permits it. Walking through parks or hiking trails provides significant mental benefits to those who embark on them. Getting out of the house is always refreshing, especially when people are so used to being inside for so long. When you put an educational


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