Margarita Consuelo G. Pineda (Marge) - Franchise Owner/Center Director's Founding Story of Mathnasium of Mathnasium of Oxnard North

Jan 13, 2023 | Oxnard North

Mathnasium of Oxnard North wants to introduce you to our Owner, Margarita (Marge) Pineda - Franchise Owner/Center Director.

Q: Why did you choose to own a Mathnasium center?

A: Mathnasium Learning Center stands out in the supplemental education industry. It specializes in math, a subject that millions of students across the globe struggle with. Mathnasium is a wise franchise investment as it addresses the high demand for math tutoring. Also, it has been proven profitable even during the height of the pandemic. The Mathnasium Method, coupled with company's established business system, works well and produces positive results.

Q: What do you like about the city your Mathnasium center is located in?

A: Oxnard, CA is a picturesque seaside city that offers a mix of city life with less traffic, rich diversity and culture. In 2021, the city was featured at as the ""Top 68 Best Places in America to live, work, raise a family, start a business or grow your career."" Hence, its strong economy. In 2022, Oxnard ranked 4th on's third annual ""Most Neighborly Cities in America"" survey. These are just a few reasons why Oxnard City is a great place!

Q: Can you think of any way that your center has positively impacted the community that it’s located in?

A: We are excited to be of service to Oxnard's neighborhood very soon as we would like to make a positive impact to the lives of the children and parents in the community. We aim to help the students to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math while making their experience exciting, fun and engaging.

Q: Did you like math when you were in grade school?

A: Yes, I did. But like a typical student, I did have my fair share of struggles as the topics got harder and complicated. I clearly understood its relevance and how it would impact my life as an adult so that gave me the reason not to hate the subject.

Q: What do you think you would have liked most about Mathnasium if you had attended when you were in grade school?

A: I just love how The Mathnasium Method made it easier for me to understand the fundamental concepts in math. Mathnasium determines and addresses skill gaps, creates a learning plan specific to the needs of the student, and spends a few minutes with math homework.

Q: When you’re in the city where your center is located, what is something fun that you might do?

A: Oxnard City prides its miles of clean golden-duned beaches, exciting nightlife, some of the best taquerias in the state, historic Victorian era architecture, the California Strawberry Festival, and a wide picturesque harbor that it used as the closest access point to the Channel Islands National Park.