Heads Up Card Game to Practice Math Facts

Oct 23, 2021 | Paramus

Math facts are important. Call it memorization, call it knowing the times tables. Kids need to know math facts without finger-counting, and parents want to help.

Math Facts Heads-Up is a card game that makes mastering these facts fun... or, at least, a little less painful! Practice either additon and subtraction or multiplication or division with this easy card game for 2 or 3 players.

All you need for any version of Math Facts Heads-Up is at least 2 people and a deck of cards.

Practice with Math Facts Addition and Subtraction

  • For 2 players, put one card down on a table or surface, and ask the second player to hold one card up to his or her forehead without looking. The first player adds both cards, informs the second player of the sum, and the second player guesses the value of the card on his or her head.
  • For 3 players, one player asks the other two to hold one card each up to their respectie foreheads. The first player announces the sum, and the 2 players with cards on their foreheads each guesses as fast as they can what value is on his or her respective head.

Practice with Times Tables Multiplication and Division

  • Follow the same procedure as above for either 2 or 3 players.
  • Instead of adding the numbers shown on the cards, multiply so that the challenge is to find the quotient rather than the difference.

Make Math Fun

One of the many questions parents and grandparents ask is how to make math fun. At Mathnasium, we suggest incorporating problem-solving into daily routines. Let us know if we can offer further guidance.


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