Baseball Player's Dream Comes True

Nov 14, 2018 | Pasadena

Students sometimes struggle with the balance of focussing on good grades and the pursuit of a becoming a great athlete.  Both take time and commitment - a lot of it, in fact. Canaan Smith went through this same struggle when he played football and baseball for his high school teams in Texas.  He wanted to play in the big leagues, but his math and science grades were holding him back.


Luckily, Canaan’s father heard about Mathnasium.  He brought his son to the local Mathnasium (in Rockwall TX), and things started turning up from there.  The center was able to work around his rigorous and hectic schedule of weight training, school and practices.   Pretty soon, with his confidence up along with his grades, real opportunities began to appear.

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You can find Canaan’s minor league stats here.