Word Problem Wednesday: Alice's Allowance

Nov 29, 2017 | Pleasanton

One of the best ways to practice math skills is with money math! Do you get an allowance? In this week’s word problem challenge, Alice wants to know how long it will take her to save up for a video game using only her allowance money. Can you help her? 

Challenge: Alice is saving up for a video game that costs $45.00. She gets $20.00 every Monday in allowance, but she spends $15.00 each week on lunch at school. How many weeks will it take for Alice to save up for the video game?

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Solution: Each week, Alice gets $20.00 and spends $15.00. So, she can save $20.00 – $15.00 = $5.00 per week. She needs $45.00 to buy the video game, so she can save up that amount in $45.00 ÷ $5.00 per week = 9 weeks.