Word Problem Wednesday: Cake!

Aug 10, 2016 | Pleasanton

Here at Mathnasium, we think math is pretty yummy ... hence this week's delightfully delectable installment of Word Problem Wednesday! Sink your teeth into our cake word problem; we'll update with the answer tomorrow. Nom, nom, nom, indeed!

If you bake 2 layers of cake in circular cake tins that are 10 inches across and 2 inches deep, what volume of cake will you have?
(Hint: the volume of a cylinder is π × r2 × h; r is the radius and h is the height.)

Update: Here's the solution!

If the tin is 10 inches across, then the radius of the cake is 5 inches. If the cake has 2 layers that are each 2 inches high, then the height of the cake is 4 inches.

π × 52 × 4 = π × 25 × 4 = 100π

So, the volume is 100π inches cubed... or 314 inches cubed!