Word Problem Wednesday: The School Choir

Jan 11, 2017 | Pleasanton

This week's installment of Word Problem Wednesday celebrates all of you who have been inspired to raise funds for a cause! Solve our word problem about a very enterprising school choir and check back tomorrow for the solution.

The Lakeside Elementary School Choir is hosting a fund-raising concert event. They sold child tickets for $10 each and adult tickets for $20 each. They made $2,000. If they sold 60 adult tickets, how many child tickets did they sell?

Update: Here's the solution!

The amount of profit the choir made from selling adult tickets is 60 × $20 = $1,200. Since they made a total of $2,000, the profit made from selling child tickets is $2,000 – $1,200 = $800. They sold child tickets for $10 each, so the number of child tickets sold was $800 ÷ $10 = 80 tickets.