Hit the Ground Running With an After-school Math Program and Jumpstart Math Success!

Aug 11, 2016 | Plymouth

Goodbye, summer… and hello to a brand new school year full of fun, learning, and potential! As you and your family navigate the back-to-school hustle and bustle of schedule changes, shopping, and charting an action plan for the year ahead, seeking math help may be the last thing on your mind. However, the start of the school year is actually an ideal time to enroll in an after-school math program. Here are five solid reasons why.

Summer learning loss is all too real! Many families opt to take an extended break from academics over summer break. However, many studies have documented the loss of skills all students experience when they don’t engage in educational activities over the summer—otherwise known as the “summer slide”. Math proficiency is especially susceptible. Furthermore, a RAND Corporation study reported the cumulative nature of summer learning loss—left unchecked, students could fall farther and farther behind as the years progress. Enrolling in an after-school math program shortly before or in the early days of the semester can help students ease back into mathematical thinking, decrease learning gaps, and set them up for a successful year of math!   

You’ll pinpoint your child’s strengths and weaknesses sooner rather than later. Why wait for the first round of test and quiz grades to arrive? Find out where your child stands by seeking out a personalized after-school math program. They’ll start by diagnosing areas of mastery as well as problem points. This presents a valuable opportunity for you and your child to understand the big picture and implement a strategic action plan that prepares your child for what lies ahead.

School year pressures have yet to surface. With students and teachers settling into new routines, it’ll be a few weeks before students feel the full brunt of school responsibilities and deadlines. Use this time to freshen up math skills, reinforce foundational knowledge, and get a head start on all the math concepts on this year’s agenda.  

Math becomes a priority sooner rather than later. What’s on your family’s extracurricular wish list? As time passes and school year pressures increase, it could become necessary to squeeze extra math learning into your child’s after-school repertoire. If the situation proves especially critical, your child may have to give up a beloved activity in order to fit in much-needed math remediation! Avoid potentially disappointing schedule changes down the road by making room now for an after-school math program with flexible scheduling. A balanced after-school routine can help prevent burnout even during the most stressful times of the school year.

It’ll help set the tone for a positive relationship with math. It’s no secret that sitting through math class can be a somber experience for some students … especially during a time when kids shift back into a structured school routine after two months of carefree summer days. This is especially true for those who have struggled in math for years. Approaching math with a positive and enthusiastic attitude is the first step to excelling in the subject. A math program that offers an upbeat, productive learning environment and has an excellent track record for engaging students in the beauty and wonder of math can prove especially transformative!

How will you set the stage for math success this school year?