Fortnite Tutor vs Math Tutor: An Epic Battle

Sep 28, 2018 | Queen Creek

When you want your kid to master something, you find an expert. If you want them to have an amazing backhand, you work with a tennis pro. Would you believe there are even Fortnite tutors? Yes! USA Today and The Wall Street Journal each had an article on this!

Your initial reaction is “these parents are over the top!” Mine too! When I read the article, though, I actually had compassion for the parent. They have watched their kid struggle and become frustrated.  Their kid felt embarrassed at school and judged by friends. They needed help! Parents are always in search of experts so their kids feel successful, knowledgeable, and reduce frustration. While I can live with my kid not being good at a short term fad, I can’t do the same when it comes to their education. Unlike the Fortnite tutors, the skills we build at Mathnasium will be used for a lifetime.  

Your student’s math story begins in Kindergarten and never stops. Week by week the skills are taught, practiced, and hopefully mastered. They have to be because not too long from now that on skill with either be stretched or escalated.  It turns into something new or advanced, and effortlessly applying the “old” skills directly correlates to how understandable future skills will be.

Schedule a no risk assessment and let us identify those gaps and provide you a solution for building confidence and independence before the school year gets too deep. It’s like hitting the reset button in the middle of the game -where you can do over the part that didn’t go well the first time around, but keep all the awesomeness you already have, and be victorious in the end!

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