Host a Free Math Night at Your Elementary School with Mathnasium of Queen Creek

Oct 6, 2019 | Queen Creek

Mathnasium of Queen Creek is proud to sponsor our local schools year-round. One of our favorite events to host are Math Nights. 


Math Nights are a free event Mathnasiums host at elementary schools across the country. Mathnasium brings 10 stations of math games and learning activities; each station has a game appropriate for grades K through 2 and 3 through 6. Families are encouraged to come play and see how fun learning math can be. 


Mathnasium Math Nights provide a unique opportunity for students and parents to work together on math games and activities for a hands-on learning experience like no other. We focus on building confidence in math for students of all skill levels in a way that is fun, engaging and inspirational. We also empower parents to support their children on the road to mastering math and developing a true love for the subject.



Mathnasium’s National Partnership with the PTA 

In June 2016, Mathnasium was named the official “M” in the National PTA’s STEM + Families initiative. As a founding sponsor of the initiative, Mathnasium supports the National PTA in the deployment of $1,000 STEM + Families Math Night Grants to 35 recipients in an academic year across the country. In 2018, Del Sur Elementary in San Diego won one of the grants for hosting a Math Night with our sister location, Mathnasium of 4S Ranch, and was featured in the Business Journal for their amazing turnout!


Math Night participants see that math can be fun and learn to appreciate math again. As a former educator, school administrator, and a parent, these events are near and dear to my heart because I can see the transformation in just a few hours,” says Karen Lossing who operates the neighborhood-based Mathnasium of Queen Creek with her husband Steve, and daughter, Libby. “We believe in building a relationship with our students and their families and providing fun, trusting environments where our students can boost their confidence in math that then transcends to other areas of their life.”


For more information on the PTA STEM + Families initiative and other grant opportunities visit for more information on how to get involved.


How to Host a Mathnasium Math Night at Your School

Elementary schools interested in hosting a Math Night can connect with Mathnasium of Queen Creek by sending an email to [email protected]. Math Nights are entirely free to the school and feature a number of games to engage both students and parents. They are a great way to support a school’s overall STEM/STEAM initiatives.


Call (480) 279-3122 or email [email protected] to learn how to bring a Math Night to your school.