Host a Math Night at Your Elementary School for FREE with Mathnasium!

Jul 13, 2021 | Queen Creek

What is a Math Night?

Math Night is a FREE family game night that can be hosted at any elementary school's campus. They can be hosted as free standing events or in conjunction with a STEM/STEAM Night. 


Mathnasium brings 10 stations of math games and learning activities. Each station has a game that is appropriate for kindergarten through 2nd grade and a game that is appropriate for 3rd grade through 5th grade.


Families can transition through the stations in any order and at any pace over the course of an hour and a half. At the end, we welcome your school's PTA/PTO or school administrator to say a few words and help us raffle off some awesome prizes.


Check out this video explaining Math Nights with Mathnasium


How Mathnasium Makes Math Nights Extra Special

As a learning center, we LOVE showing students how fun learning math can be! Just like our afterschool program, we bring incentives to school's Math Nights to make participation extra motivating.


We have a passport system that encourages families to check out all the stations. Families can turn in their passports at the end of the event (even if they aren't complete) for a goodie bag. We then add to the fun by raffling off some awesome prizes, using the passports as raffle tickets.


Mathnasium provides all the materials and prizes needed to pull this off.


What to Host a Math Night with Mathnasium of Queen Creek? Contact Us Today!

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Special Note to PTAs

Mathnasium is the proud National of the PTA and represents the M in the STEM + Families initiative. For five years, Mathnasium has devoted hundreds of thousands in funds and grants to empower PTAs big and small to be able to provide resources to their schools.


At the local level, Mathnasium of Queen Creek would be honored to reinforce this partnership in whatever way your team sees fit.