Math Word of the Day - Week of December 27

Dec 27, 2020 | Queen Creek

Math Word of the Day comes from the Math Dictionary written by Mathnasium.



Sunday, December 27

A measure of space, especially width, height, or length.  


Direct Proof 

Monday, December 28

A conclusion proved through deductive reasoning. 


Direct Variation 

Tuesday, December 29

Two variable quantities vary directly if the ratio of one to the other remains constant. A direct variation equation usually takes the form of y = kx, but it can also be written in the form of k = y/x or x = y/k. The graph of a direct variation equation is linear and passes through the origin.



Wednesday, December 30

The angular position of two points with respect to each other. 


Direction (of change)

Thursday, December 31

To the right usually denotes a positive change. To the left usually denotes a negative change.



Friday, January 1

Instruction, teaching, learning, knowledge.    



Saturday, January 2

The amount deducted or subtracted from a cost or price.