Math Word of the Day - Week of December 6

Dec 6, 2020 | Queen Creek

Math Word of the Day comes from the Math Dictionary written by Mathnasium.



Sunday, December 6

A "soup can"; a 3-D solid with a round and parallel top and bottom.  



Monday, December 7

A 10-year interval of time. 



Tuesday, December 8

Numbered or ordered in groups of 10. A number written using base 10. Relating to tens or tenths.  


Decimal Fraction 

Wednesday, December 9

A base 10 number written with a decimal point to separate the whole numbers on the left from the fractions on the right.

All decimal fractions either terminate, repeat, or continue to infinity without terminating or repeating.


Decimal Number System  

Thursday, December 10

The number system where each place is 10 times greater than the place to the right of it and 10 times smaller than the place to the left of it.


Decimal Point

Friday, December 11

A dot written in a decimal number to indicate where the place values change from whole numbers to decimal fractions.   



Saturday, December 12

To get less or smaller, as in number, amount, or intensity.