Mathnasium on ABC

May 6, 2021 | Queen Creek

Mathnasium recently joined ABC15's Sonoran Living to discuss how parents have turned to our learning center to help their students catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. Check out Libby's interview with Susan Casper below!



Mathnasium's Segment on ABC15

Can't watch the segment now? No worries, we will share the highlights!


What is Mathnasium?

Mathnasium is an afterschool learning center where students in kindergarten through 12th grade come to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math. Mathnasium offers math tutoring and enrichment, homework help, and test prep services (including SAT/ACT) to help students excel in the classroom and beyond. 

In addition to our in-center services, Mathnasium also offers the same great customized curriculum and one-on-one instruction through Mathnasium@home! Mathnasium@home is hosted on a web-based platform (ConexED), where students and their tutors can work live, via webcam, and work together simultaneously on a shared digital workspace. 


What has parents turning to Mathnasium this year in particular?

At the end of the 2019-2020 school year, in-school teaching abruptly stopped and students were transitioned to a distance learning model. This resulted in a learning gaps for many students because 6-8 weeks of curriculum was instructed online. The learning loss stemming from these changes resulted in the "COVID Slide."

Students started the 2020-2021 school year up to 6 months behind nationally standards, in comparison to a more typical 8 weeks (the "Summer Slide"). 


Parents have turned to Mathnasium as a trusted source of individualized learning plans, and expert instruction for math. With Mathnasium, students have been able to complete their unfinished learning from previous years, recieve support on what's being taught in the classroom, and work ahead of their peers to receive higher standardized test scores and work their way onto an advanced math track. 


How does Mathnasium's program work exactly?

All students start their time at Mathnasium with a diagnostic assessment of their current math abilities. Mathnasium takes a look at where your student currently performs compared to grade-level standards and how effortlessly they can complete various computations (addition/subtraction, multiplication, working with fractions and decimals, etc.). 


After the student completes their assessment, we share their learning plan with the family. This learning plan is our road map of what curriculum we need to help the student master and retain to work towards their academic goals.


Students come to Mathnasium two to three times per week for one hour sessions. The one hour can either be fully dedicated to Mathnasium's Instructors working through the curriculum generated by the student's learning plan, or it can be split 30 minutes / 30 minutes between the child's Mathnasium learning plan and a more traditional tutoring (homework help, test and quiz prep, reviewing concepts from their current class). 


Mathnasium offers progress checks or full re-assessments every 8-12 weeks to confirm student progress and keep curriculum plans current.


How can families use Mathnasium over the summer?

Mathing over the summer is a great idea! Just like summer reading, mathing over the summer is critical to keep students academically engaged and on track with their math learning. 


Mathnasium is a one stop shop for families who are looking to help their kids fill in learning gaps, student proficient on their math skills, and preview the next year's curriculum. Especially this summer, families want to take advantage of the summer for learning because next school year students will likely be able to participate in a full offering of extra curricular activities. With a busy school year calendar, use the summer to build your child's confidence in math so they have one less stress come fall!


To Learn More About Mathnasium

Get in contact with us through the web form above! We'd love to discuss how Mathnasium of Queen Creek can help your child specifically. Our No Risk Assessment and Free Trial is a great way to see if our learning center is the right fit for your child(ren).