Why Bs ARE Bad

May 23, 2018 | Queen Creek


How Bs are Bad

Trust me, I’ve had times where I was more than grateful for eking out a B. In History, English, or Chemistry, that is, but never in Math. In math, a B meant trouble. It was the start of a slippery slope, and I was never going to to find myself standing at that precipice.

Why? I’m in for the long game. A B shows proficiency to 80%, but mathematically minded people may also see it shows a 20% deficit in a subject that is 100% based on prior knowledge! So a the start to a new year, 20% of the material will not make sense or come with the automaticity required to be successful in the class.


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One year’s 80% is often the cause to the next year’s 70/75%, and the following year’s 70% (or worse). Parents miss the specificity of this class because the A in another subject averaged out the GPA as a whole, so the math one is less amplified. Summer comes and goes, the pain of homework and test scores is forgotten about, and a new year starts. New teacher, new class, everyone starts with an A and it’s there’s to lose!  Only the teacher jumps into harder stuff, they forgot the old stuff (or did they really truly learn it??), and there’s that math homework drama all over again.

Our summer program is built for the kids sitting in that 80% space. Our flexible one-hour sessions attacks that skills checklist to get that 20% checked off and go into the fall at 100% proficiency and properly prepared for one awesome school year! While their peers are getting rusty and dusty on this highly procedural and vocabulary rich subject, your mathlete will hit the ground running!


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