2019 Summer Bingo and its winner

Jul 26, 2019 | Rancho Penasquitos

Mathnasium is committed to make math fun and interesting. One of our many fun ways of preventing the summer slide is develop a motivational activity to do over the summer. Our 2019 Summer Bingo was launched on the very first day of our summer schedule (June 17th). It had 24 Mathnasium tasks a student has to complete to form a bingo. Our Mathlete just gets one card for the season. The objective is to complete 5 tasks either downward, diagonal, or sideways. When a bingo is formed, our Mathlete gets to spin a wheel to note the number of stars they get for that day. Whoever finished the whole board wins the Ultimate Prize: Mathnasium's Summer Mystery Box.

The board had the following as its tasks

1 - I shared a math fact with an Instructor

2 - I completed 6 pages in one session

3 - I told my parent what I worked on today

4 - I did the problemt of the wweek on my own without help.

5 - I got 90% on my post assessment

6 - I invited a friend to an activity at Mathnasium

7 - I thanked my Mathnasium Instructor for helping me.

8 - I played a game using Mathnasium playing cards

9 - I finished a Mastery Check without help and got 100%

10 - I did a full page number of the day exercise

11 - I finished a mastery check challenge with no help

12 - I atttended at least 3 sessions in a week

13 - I traded my punch cards for a reward

14 - I completed 5 pages in one session

15 - I gave a Mathnasium pencil to a friend outside Mathnasium

16 - I completed the problem of the week higher than my level

17 - I came to Mathnasium 3 days in a row

 18 - I brought an interesting math article

19 - I attended an activity at Mathnasium

20 - I finished a full level Learning Plan

21 - I stayed over after my session to joing GAME HOUR

22 - I filled a punch card today

23 - I have 10 FULL star cards in my binder

24 - I did a full assessment and finished it in one session.

Quite  a number of our Mathletes have worked really hard on their math. Progress has been good and they are so motivated to get to their goal. It's also a matter of how rapid they can complete the full card.

This year's grand prize winner is Philip Z. An incoming 5th grade who has completed Mathnasium Level and Sublevel 4.  Philip has worked so hard on his math and is now about 75% done with Mathnasium Level 5.  Philip is starting to learn 6th grade math now. With his hard work and dedication, we are in no doubt that he will definitely be a deserving student to take home our Ultimate Prize. Little did our star Mathlete know, he is not only gaining an ultimate prize but also gaining a whole lot of skills in his math.

Congratulations, Philip!!! Awesome job!